We offer excellent piano education for all levels from absolute beginners to very advanced piano students.


Peterson Piano Institute is a piano academy like no other

Whether you are absolute beginners or advanced amateur pianists, you are equally welcome to join our piano courses specially designed for you. We always encourage and support piano learners without ever judging or criticising. We believe that a relaxed and friendly environment is essential for students to express themselves and gain confidence in their pianistic abilities.

Thanks to the remarkable experience of our expert piano instructors, we would be pleased to welcome you whether you wish to study classical, jazz or pop piano.

Our Concert Pianist Teacher’s Speech

“I encourage all adult piano lovers who have a passion for piano playing to join The PETERSON Piano Institute and benefit from our effective piano education. I believe that you do not need any unique talent to enjoy playing the piano for your pleasure and that you can surely become an excellent pianist, thanks to the expert advice offered by our specialised instructors”

Phillippe Guilhon Herbert,
French concert pianist


We’re glad to create a great smile and offer our excellent service.


We offer excellent music education for all levels – from absolute beginners to very advanced students.


Who’s it for?

  • Absolute piano beginners who want to avoid wasting time and money on low-quality music instruction.
  • Intermediate looking to develop their own piano skills and get rid of frustration!
  • Advanced who are in need of serious improvement and a master’s touch.
  • Extra push to move from being a reasonable pianists to an excellent one!

What you can expect?

  • The highest quality piano lessons for adults of ALL LEVELS in London. (Absolute beginners & nervous beginners welcome!)
  • Personal motivation to help you learn. (80% of your piano playing is all about your enthusiasm and mindset)
  • Fast and systematic improvement. (In comparison with most other piano lessons)

Which styles are taught?

  • Classical piano
  • Jazz piano
  • Popular piano
  • Blues piano
  • Rock piano

I’m interested. What should I do next?

If you are interested and woud like to view our music course, it is found in our piano courses section. Please fill in the form on our enrol page if you would like to talk to us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.



have an impressive track record

Starting piano lesson requires personal motivation, goal setting, ability to persevere during tough times. Only an excellent piano instructor is able to guide and motivate you through each and every circumstance. At Peterson Piano Institute, we provide you with the singular best-dedicated piano instruction, learning the correct technique from day one is absolutely imperative and non-negotiable. Studying with the wrong teacher might inevitably lead to the re-learning of some or all of your piano technique.


Mr. Philippe Guihon-Herbet

Philippe is a French concert pianist and teacher. He graduated from the Conservatoire Supérieur de Paris, received his first prize in piano and chamber music, and gave recitals and concerts in Paris, Berlin, Munich, New York and Salzburg. He released 8 CDs and won several special prizes at the International Competition and the Academy (Concours d'Orléans 2008, Académie Maurice Ravel). He is regularly invited to French Radio France Musique, Radio Classique, and has over ten years of experience teaching piano at the Conservatoire du 6ème Paris. Over the last five years, he has been funded by the Swiss Life Foundation over his concert and recording events in Europe

Ms. Naoko Kato

Naoko earned a Bachelor's degree from Musashino Academia Musicae in Japan with a Master's degree in piano performance from Chicago Musical College in the United States. She's been studying accompanying and chamber music since she was in college. After attending the university, she started studying accompanying and chamber music and became a keyboardist at the Chicago Civic Orchestra. Naoko has been a guest pianist and main pianist for the Bangkok Symphony Orchestra, Bangkok Opera, and Bangkok Community Theater. In 2006, she was a piano concerto soloist conducted by Mr. Hikotaro Yazaki of the MIE Philharmonic Orchestra in Japan. In 2011, she entered the Charity Concert "Pray for Japan" which started after a major earthquake. Naoko had a solo recital in Bangkok in 2014. From then, she has been appearing in concerts with Ms. Eri Okuzawa

Ms. Chinami Shibata

Chinami started studying piano at the age of five with Hiroko Seyama, then moved to Greece at the age of ten and continued her piano studies at the age of 15 in Athens. She graduated from the University of SiIpakorn at the age of 27 and attended a technical class with Mr. Walter S. Grade 8, AMEB. She also insists that there is a lot to know and that life experiences have a lot to teach you how to work as you play music. Ms. Chinami Shibata has been a piano teacher since 1998, giving piano lessons in Thailand since 2000.

Mr. Peerapol Opaspanwong (Ajarn P)

Peerapol started his first piano lesson at the age of 12 and graduated from He graduated with bachelor’s degree in Piano Performance from University of Missouri-Kansas City as a recipient of Mary Bainbridge Francis Scholarship and Lorraine Watson Piano Scholarship. In 2015, he won the gold medal prize of the Asia International Piano Academy and Festival with Competition in Korea. During the time in the United State, he has engaged in master classes with internationally-known artists including Henry Kramer, a second prize winner of the 2016 Queen Elisabeth Competition. He has experience in teaching for both private piano lesson and group piano lesson. He can teach student at any age. Also, he worked with student with special needs.

Ms. Pancharee Ungpanya (Ajarn Ning)

Pancharee was a student of Payabhand Sanitwonse, who is the national artist in performing arts. She performed at the Piyabhand Sanitwong’s concert every year from 1990 to 1997. She started studying piano at the age of 13 with Wannasiri Homsanit, a pupil of Piyabhand Sanitwongse, a national performing arts artist, in 1998. In the same year, she passed the Grade 8 piano exam at Trinity College in London. She collaborated with Jun Komatsu between 2005 and 2007 and with Christopher Tutin in 2010. In the past 16 years, she has had a significant amount of experience teaching and studying piano, both in practice and in theory, at the University of West London, London College of Music (LCM) up to Grade 8. She has had experience teaching piano for children with special needs in the past 10 years.

Ms. Nuntikarn Kongthavon (Ajarn Cherry)

Nuntikarn graduated from Bangkok University Faculty of Humanities, Bachelor of Arts major in English. She is currently teaching piano at Wells International School, Sukhumvit 51, she has experiences teaching music to children for more than 10 years as she loves children and has the ability of motivating children to enjoy every minute of their piano lesson.

Ms. Walaya Surinphong (Ajarn Babie)

Walaya begin her piano lesson with Dr. Wipa Kongkagul at the age of 6 years old. She graduated with bachelor’s degree from Chulalongkorn University majoring in Piano Performance with Professor Tongsuang Isarangkul Na Ayudhya and perform in faculty concerts during her years of Bachelor study. She give private lessons since her sophomore year. Her passion is for classical period from Baroque, Classical to Romantic.

Mr. Montree Chaisawang (AJARN Mek)

graduated at Mahidol University with PhD degree in science (International program) and have more than 20 years of piano teaching experience. He joined master class with Professor and have been studying with famous teachers from Korea, Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong. He sent his student to participate various examination board e.g. London College of Music(LCM), Trinity, ABRSM, and Australian Music Examination board and his student tends to get a Distinction result with excellent feedback.

Ms. Radchakorn Thongruengrong (Ajarn Forth)

Radchakorn started learning piano at age of three with Ms. Suphida Osathanugrah and now she is still studying classical piano with Ms. Chavalida Krueasingha. She passed Advanced Certificate piano exam at Trinity College London in 2017and took a master course in Music Education: Instrumental and vocal teaching at University of York in UK and graduated in 2018. She is currently researching and working on music group teaching for young children as well as keyboard group teaching. She has more than 8 years of experience in teaching piano both for young children and adults.

Ms. Kanta Kansopon (Ajarn Pong)

Kanta graduated with bachelor’s degree from Chulalongkorn University majoring in Piano Performance. She used to be assistant director of Jintrakarn Music School. Thanks to her 35 years of teching expirience, she is very good in teaching piano especially with children whilst making them enjoy their music journey. Her goal in teaching is to deliver through the love of music to the children. In addition to obtaining the correct background knowledge her student always leaves class with the smile on their face. She teaches both one to one lesson and piano group course.


Pawai Krutherm (Ajarn Bank)

Known as Tong P, piano cover from YouTube Channel, ‘Bankmodify’ which has over 100,000 subscribes and the highest number of views on his piano cover videos. He has more than 300 wedding event piano experience. Also, he joins in collaboration with many famous YouTube channels in Thailand such as Madpuppetstudio, Kanomroo, Babymojiko, เอ๋ยเอ้ย, 108life


Mr. Achita Thongsak (Ajarn Mor)

At the age of six, Achita started his musical career by learning classical piano. In 2014, he became interested in jazz music through its lively sound, and in 2016 he studied music at the Pre-College, College of Music, Mahidol University. He had the chance to study jazz piano with Pawin Limkangvanmongkol and Igor Suchkov. He is now working with Kom Wongsawat. He has been a member of 'Mahidol University Jazz Stage Band' since his first year at the Pre-College and in his third year has moved to join 'Mahidol University Jazz Big Band' and is currently performing with 'Mahidol University Jazz Orchestra.' He was one of the finalists at the 'Thailand International Jazz Conference Solo Competition 2020.


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