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from absolute beginners to very advanced students.


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Whether you are absolute beginners or advanced amateur singers, you are equally welcome to join our singing courses specially designed for you. We always encourage and support piano learners without ever judging or criticising. We believe that a relaxed and friendly environment is essential for students to express themselves and gain confidence in their pianistic abilities.

Thanks to the remarkable experience of our expert singing instructors, we would be pleased to welcome you whether you wish to study music theater, classical or pop vocal.


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We’ve got the right course to suit you

Singing courses

Advanced, beginner, intermediate

Singing is excellent for our health and happiness. It can also help boost our confidence and improve our self-esteem. We welcome all adults to learn the set of skills that will transform their voice. Singing is an art like any other that requires a lot of practice before being mastered.

Our fantastic one-to-one singing lessons are appropriate for all ages, from absolute beginners with no previous musical experience to experienced singers.

Guitar courses

Advanced, beginner, intermediate

We welcomes adults, from absolute beginners o advanced, to study the guitar and improve their current skills with outstanding instructors. Whether you wish to study classical, acoustic, electric or jazz guitar.

The majority of the adults studying are beginners Our student usually finish their first lesson by having a few songs to play.

Violin course

Advanced, beginner, intermediate

 Our current violin teacher is highly recommeded because of the extentive training and his years of teaching.

His capacity to establish a fantastic relationship with students of all ages and experiences shows an excellent methos of teachig.

Cello course

Advanced, beginner, intermediate

Learn how to play the cello in a wonderful environment and benefit from highly personalised advice Tailoring our cello lessons to each is one of the main reasons why our instruction is praised by many.

Each adult is different and requires a specific education. We will always aim to adapt to your particular needs and focus on both the areas in which you excel and those that require more attention.

Flute course

Advanced, beginner, intermediate

We give flute lessons for adults and kids. We can help you concentrate on a style, if you want a more relaxed approach to flute learning. We always strive to satisfy the individual musical interests of our customers.

Our flute teacher will play with you to teach the technique of the demon and to guide you to each piece of music with learning. We want your flute lessons to be as enjoyable and educationally useful as possible.

Saxophone course

Advanced, beginner, intermediate

We offers tenors and alta sax as well as other various ways of studying this great instrument.

For those want to take a slightly more relaxed approach, we can be very specific to our student’s needs and styles to fit what they would like to learn a saxophone

Clarinet courses

Advanced, beginner, intermediate

We teach children and adults of every age, every level, background and every style. The LCM grades are the most common choice for the clarinet curriculum.

However, when you are studying clarinets, it is not uncommon to learn styles like Jazz. Our clarinet professorcan try different piees from different styles in order to see your preferences.

Trumpet courses

Advanced, beginner, intermediate

We teach children and adults of every age, every level, background and every style. The LCM grades are the most common choice for the clarinet curriculum.

However, when you are studying clarinets, it is not uncommon to learn styles like Jazz. Our clarinet professorcan try different piees from different styles in order to see your preferences.

Meet our professional instructor!


Mr. Wittaya Payakkasem

Wittaya graduated with a Bachelor 's degree in Violin Performance from Mahidol College of Music in 2007. He finished as a member of the Thai Youth Orchestra (TYO). Dr. Sax Chamber Orchestra, Mahidol University Orchestra, Southeast Asian Youth Orchestra and Thailand Phiharmonic Orchestra (TPO) He is currently a full-time teacher at Ekamai International School in Bangkok. Throughout his spare time, he has always modified and produced the participating master class of violin in both domestic and foreign countries, such as Germany, Austria. His student, Ms. Fasai Phuathavornskul, who studied violin for five years, has recently won the 2nd prize in the ANZCA competition and the 3rd prize in the 6th Beethoven Competition.

Mr. Kitchckarn Sikhareeritthakul

Kitchckarn started studying violin at the age of 13. In 2007, he completed his pre-college program at the College of Music, Mahidol University, and completed his bachelor's degree in music education, graduating in violin at the same college in 2010. In 2012, he took first place at the SUMMA CUM LAUDE INTERNATIONAL YOUTH MUSIC FESTIVAL in the symphony orchestra category in Vienna, Austria. In 2013, he took part in the concert tour "Los Angeles International Music Festival" at Walt Disney Concert Hall, California, USA, as well as "Young Euro Classic Festival" at Berlin Konzerthaus, Dresden Taschenberg Palais and the Prinzregenten Theatre in Munich, Germany.

Ms. Sirisa Sakneveeporn

Sirisa Started Violin lesson at the age of 15. She graduated with bachelor’s degree from Mahidol University at Mahidol University, Faculty of Music with Mr. Sittichai Pengcharoen And Mr. Juris Madrevich. While she was studying in Mahidol, she joined Salaya Chamber Orchestra, Mahidol Symphony Orchestra. In 2018 she was the Winner of PGVIEC 2018 (Large Ensemble). Since 2016 - present she received PGVIM Scholarship. She joins many concerts such as 2019 Orchestra specially formed for the occasion from students of University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna and PGVIM, Concert to Celebrate 150 Years of Friendship Between Thailand and Austria, Schlosstheater Schonbrunn, Vienna, Austria and many more


Mr. Nitit Banjerdtavorn

Nitit studied under the tutelage of the award-winning Mr. Marcin Tomasz Szawelski at Mahidol College of Music, Mahidol University. In 2009, he was fortunate to earn his graduation scholarship in his final year at the college as well as in 2010. He graduated from Mahidol University with a Bachelor 's degree in cello in 2014. He also won outside Thailand, i.e. 1st place summa cum laude international in the symphony category. Currently, he is an active member of Siam Sinofornieta, Siam Philharmoni, thus studying with Mr. Martin Grund.


Mr. Woratep Rattana-Umpawan

Woratep started his guitar class when he was 17 years old with Prof. Vidhaya Vosbien. He won his first prize at the Yamaha Guitar Festival Competition for three consecutive years. He completed his Bachelor degree at Chulalongkorn University and received a B.A. Second class honor in western music, major in classical guitar. He was director of the Guitar Department at Chinatkarn Music School in 1991. In 1993 He was invited to the solo Chao Phraya Concerto, arranged by Prof. Bruce Gaston, with his performance skills. On 2000, he was invited by one of Japan's most famous musical institutions. In the same year, he had the chance to take a private lesson with the world-famous guitarist, Mr. Eduardo Fernández. Mr.Worathep is currently teaching at the Conservatory of Music at the University of Rangsit.

Mr. Puwit Songudomwattana (Ajarn Kenny)

Puwit Songudomwattana graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts from Chulalongkorn University. He was born in 1998 and has been studied classic guitar since 14 years old with Dr. Kritsakorn Onlamun. By the age of 20 , he received an award from Pattaya Classical Guitar Festival and Competition in 2018. In 2019, he was also able to attend a ‘Finalist Open Category’ in Asia international Guitar Festival and Competition. He has been experienced with a number of famous guitarists from all over the world including Ekachai Jearakul (a winner of GFA 2014), Gerard Abiton (a world class guitarist from France), Pablo Gonzalez (a Spanish guitarist from Madrid Guitar Duo), and Roberto Aussel (a famous Argentina guitarist who has received certain prizes and been in charge of a collection of guitar music for the Paris Publisher Editions Henry Lemoine). Eventually, he also graduated with a president of a Thailand guitar society, Worathep Ratana-Amphawan .


Mr. Damrongpol

Damrongpol graduated from Srinakharinwirot University with a Bachelor of Fine and Applied Arts in Music. At the Thai Yamaha Flute Soloist Competition, he received the first Division 1 title. He was Chief Flute Player of the SAYOWE (Southeast Asian Youth Orchestra and Wind Ensemble) in 2006. In 2011-2014, he joined the Symphonic Band and his band won the first or second award at the Asian Symphonic Band Competition. In 2014, he was the head of the flute players at the Rangsit Yamaha Wind Orchestra. His band won first prize at the King's Cup at the Asian Symphony Band Competition No. 9 and second prize at the Asian Symphony Band Competition No. 8. He participated in the TIMF Academy, Korea Flute Seminar " The Sound Master of the Professional Audio Conference."


Mr.Tonwong Manphajong (Ajarn Hui)

As Saxophonist for more than 10 years, Tonwong has earned experience performing in many areas of Bangkok, famous restaurants, Jazz Bars or Big Mall like Central Embassy. He always organizes music band both in Pop and Jazz band for special activity like wedding ceremony or private activity. He once used to be a part of jam session in Kirk Whalum, a prominent jazz Saxophonist, concert in Java Jazz festival in Jakarta, Indonesia. He also studied Jazz Music at Silpakorn University and studied saxophone with Pisut Prateepasena, famous Jazz Saxophonist and Jazz arranger of Thailand. Tonwong has experience in saxophone teaching and also has his own channel in Youtube about saxophone knowledge and songs cover too.

Mr. Ukkakit Detintharanarak

Ukkakit started playing a saxophone at the age of 13. In 2016, he attended Mahidol University College of Music, majoring in Jazz, where he studied with Mr. Annawin Kerdeesud and Mr. Taweesak Booranapanitpan. He has been a leading alto saxophone in the Mahidol University Jazz Stage Band and is currently in the Mahidol University Jazz Big Band. In 2019, he was awarded a merit scholarship from college until the present. In 2020 he was one of the finalists for the Thai International Jazz Conference solo competition 2020 (Open Division and Junior Division). He is currently studying with Mr. Nattakit Thanapoonsawad in his Bachelor degree.


Ariya Singhasakares

Ariya started playing trumpet since he was in Grade 5. He studied in College of music Mahidol University in Jazz studies program with Mr. Sarit Tunpensuk. Also, he joined Mahidol Jazz Big Band and Mahidol Jazz Orchestra, performed in TIJC (Thailand International Jazz Conference) Main Stage in 2019 and 2020. For the awards, he received 4th prize in Government Savings Bank Symphonic Band Competition, silver medal from TIWEC 2013 Wind ensemble competition, passed through to Final Round in TIWSC 2018 competition Junior Wind ensemble category and received Popular vote prize, second place in Trumpet at ACT Brass which is only senior Band that pass through Final round.


We offer excellent music education for all levels – from absolute beginners to very advanced students.



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