10 Reasons Why You Do Not Need Any past experience To Start Learning the Piano!

10 Reasons Why You Do Not Need Any past experience To Start Learning the Piano!

By: peterson
Reason # 1 Piano is a skill that needs to be learned.

Like every new skill, you first need to start playing the piano from the beginning. You don't need to remember past lessons or try to learn the basics yourself – in fact, this is a sure-fire way to take more of your time! Whether you're starting out as a complete beginner or with a little experience, you still need to go through the same learning process to create the muscle memory you need to play the instrument. A person who has learned piano as a child and forgotten most of the technique will have little advantage over a full adult beginner. All you need to do is apply yourself to learning new skills and practice – no matter what age you are and what level of experience you have.

Reason # 2 You already have the three most important skills: discipline, focus, and motivation.
Adults have a huge advantage over children when it comes to learning the piano, because you are more likely to be out of class than because your parents are forcing you to go! Thus, beginners are more disciplined with their lessons, more focused on learning, and much more likely to adhere to a consistent practice schedule. With this level of discipline and focus, even without prior experience, you should go from beginner to experienced player with our expert guidance! (As long as you practice!)

Reason # 3 Structured courses are perfect for total beginners.
You don't need experience to start learning the piano as an adult, but a structured piano course will make you wonder how quickly you develop your skills. Our piano instruction doesn't cut corners – you'll receive a solid foundation that will take you from the very first introduction to playing the piano, to eventually learn more complicated compositions. It will take time, but even without any prior experience, we guarantee that our courses, together with your motivation, will take you to the level you want to achieve.

Reason # 4 Starting your lessons with no previous experience guarantees better habits.
Previous experience is not always a benefit – in fact, improper learning can actually cost you a lot more time and money in the long run. Having a wrong teacher or trying to teach yourself can be a quick way to develop bad habits that are difficult to re-learn. With no prior experience, you're guaranteed to be taught perfect habits with our highly trained teachers right from the start!

Reason # 5 Our teacher is a specialist with unexperienced adults.
Our lessons at the Peterson Piano Institute are designed specifically for adults. Learning as an adult is different from learning as a child, but our classes are designed to address this and overcome any barriers you may face by learning at a later age without experience. Our teachers are trained to identify any problems you have and to work with you on them before you move on – to ensure that you have the solid foundation to play the piano that you need before you move on to more complicated lessons.

Reason # 6 Piano learning just needs practice and time
You need to practice repeatedly to master the piano. This helps create muscle memory and helps the lessons and skills you 're learning to really stick to your mind. While prior experience may make this muscle memory come back a little faster, someone with no previous experience is certainly capable of making the same progress – if not better!

Reason # 7 Adults are always able to learn new skills
Our brains are capable of learning new things all our lives – those neural connections may be a little slower than adults, but they're still perfectly capable of forming! Whether you're 5 or 50 years old, you can pick up the piano as a complete beginner and still make wonderful progress with quality instruction. If you've stopped learning to play the piano because of a lack of experience, don't let that stop you. Our teachers will guide you through every step and make sure you are at all times comfortable with the speed at which you learn.

Reason # 8 You can learn anywhere, at any time.
With specially designed adult learners, you can start learning the piano today and be well on your way to gain valuable instrument experience – even if you're a total beginner.

Reason # 9 Age can be a benefit
If you have a music genre that inspired you to start learning the piano, you may have an advantage with no prior experience! It will come as a surprise to you how quickly you can identify tunes and even scales in well-loved songs, and even without any technical experience, you may still find some elements of piano learning familiar to you.

Reason # 10 Dedicated beginners' lessons for adults.
No matter what level of experience you have, our teachers are able to assess your needs and ensure that you get the right kind of education for you. Get in touch with us to book your first ever piano class today!


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