Develop Your Mental Wellbeing By Playing an Instrument

Develop Your Mental Wellbeing By Playing an Instrument

By: peterson

There are many things that have been shown to boost mental health: keeping a diary and taking care of your body to name a few. But did you know that playing an instrument also works to improve your mental health?

Playing an instrument will relieve stress. While listening to music also has that effect, it's calming and soothing in a way that just listening can't do. You can empty your mind of all your worries while playing. You can get lost in the feeling of the instrument against your fingertips, the concentration of making sure you play the right notes, and the sound of the music you've made.

Learning an instrument has the ability to make you smarter as well. This is a challenging cognitive exercise. Playing an instrument is like a brain workout. It's going to make your brain fitter. It can even protect your mind from aging, as it takes years of practice to learn an instrument. It can create alternative connections in the brain that can prevent cognitive decline as you get older.

Making music as an adult can also have many additional health benefits. Being physically healthy is always a good way to help maintain your mental health. Playing a musical instrument has been linked to lower blood pressure, lower heart rate and reduced stress. In fact, studies have shown that playing an instrument can actually reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. These conditions often benefit from activities which calm the mind and the body. Playing an instrument takes a certain amount of focus, which can distract you from the symptoms of anxiety and depression. In addition, if you do something that you love, it can help you fight those feelings of tiredness, meaninglessness, and stagnation that often come with depression.

Studies have also shown that when you play an instrument all your life, you are less likely to develop dementia or Alzheimer's later in life. Playing an instrument is a good cognitive exercise that keeps the brain working at a higher level. If you or a loved one knows how to play an instrument, it's a good idea to make sure that you can keep up with that hobby or talent as you age throughout your senior years.

Of course, playing an instrument isn't the only way to be mentally fit. There's a lot of ways you can help keep yourself mentally well. If playing an instrument does not help you fight anxiety or depression, or if your depression is so severe that you are no longer able to play the instrument effectively, you may need additional help.


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